photograph by Reece Hugill, Seal at Tees Barrage


Our vision is for the Tees Valley to be renowned for its rich landscape, heritage and culture.


Our Aims

  • Connect people and communities to built and natural heritage
  • Bring our heritage to life, through offering new ways for people to see, hear, touch and enjoy it.
  • Protect our heritage for future generations.
  • Inspire people to make a positive difference in our area by providing opportunities for people to get involved 
  • Encourage people to learn new heritage skills and pass these on to future generations
  • Promote the heritage of the Tees Valley to communities and visitors so they appreciate how special it is

River Tees Rediscovered in many ways represents the human landscape, and has at its heart, people. A Landscape that has seen rapid growth, and rapid change, it is truly shaped by the movement of people, by their ambition and their experiences. It is a region of great pride and self-effacing reticence in equal measure.
— Doug Nicholson, Chair

Our Impact

Over 1000 people have volunteered to support River Tees Rediscovered giving the equivalent of over £500k of their time to conserve and restore the natural, built and social heritage of the Tees Valley.

Over 750 people have received training to help ensure they have the necessary skills and knowledge to continue conserving and restoring our heritage for future generations.

Over 5,500 people have directly engaged with a wide range of learning activities increase their knowledge of the River Tees and its rich heritage. With over 25,000 visitors to RTR events.

36 young people from across Tees Valley have received formal training through our Apprenticeship and Trainee programme.

We have worked with over 40 schools and community groups supporting and empowering greater links with the Tees and it’s rich heritage.

Our environmental conservation projects have improved habitats and biodiversity across over 96 acres of land including tackling non-native invasive species, wildflower meadow creation and maintenance, tree planting, bulb planting, reed cutting and general maintenance of 6 nature reserves.

We have received over £130k of ‘In Kind’ contributions from partners supporting river tees rediscovered project delivery.

Over 100km of riverside habitat and/or waterways have been improved and access improvements have been carried out for 16 heritage trails links to the Teesdale Way.