Wings of the Tees will involve local communities in celebrating and learning about the winged wildlife of the River Tees (birds, bats, dragon and damselflies). This will be through surveys, habitat creation and other activities, which will improve the river corridor as an area for these species to inhabit.


Delivered in partnership with the Tees Valley Wildlife Trust.

Wings of the Tees celebrates the fabulous winged wildlife of the River Tees including birds, bats and dragonflies through a series of fun activities such as talks, walks and workshops.

The project also provides training and volunteering opportunities that focus on UK priority species such as barn owls and bats with a programme of monitoring, habitat assessment, targeted provision of nesting boxes and advice to landowners. In 2017, 22 barn owl chicks were ringed as part of Wings of the Tees by dedicated and licenced volunteers who have worked with local landowners to site and monitor barn owl nest boxes for maximum impact.

For more information about the project or any upcoming events, please contact Sarah Barry