River Lab will work with local community groups and schools to explore the history of becks and smaller tributaries through practical sessions along the River Tees corridor. This will increase understanding of the river and help to improve the health of local becks.


Delivered in partnership with the Tees Rivers Trust

This project is working with local community beck groups through community engagement, training and volunteering initiatives. The scheme focuses on the smaller tributaries that enter the Tees along its course throughout the project area and has trained up several community groups in River Fly Monitoring as a way of measuring water quality. Historically becks and rivers have been treated as sewers or a flood risk, yet people are always drawn to water. This scheme encourages the communities along becks to take an active interest and pride in their local waterways.

In addition, RiverLab delivers innovative school sessions with investigations of the local beck wildlife followed by creative school-based activities involving printing, sculpture and other art techniques.

For more information about the project or any upcoming events, please contact;

Sara Cox sara@teesriverstrust.org or Zoe Fraser zoe@teesriverstrust.org