The project is based on the creation of new access and improvements to existing rights of way. In addition, we will improve learning about the landscape and its heritage.


The North Tees Trail will connect very special nature conservation and industrial heritage sites that are located within the boundaries of the area known as the North Tees Natural Network (NTNN).

The North Tees Trail section of the England Coast Path will create a new fully accessible right of way through the North Tees Natural Network which will be open to the public 24 hours a day 365 days a year (weather permitting). It is estimated that 9,300 visitors will use the path each year with no restrictions in place and no booking necessary. River Tees Rediscovered landscape Partnership will provide free public events throughout 2018/19 to launch the new right of way.

The path will provide valuable infrastructure that needs to be in place locally to support resilient communities, helping people to ‘feel good and function well’.

The Teesmouth Field Centre, based at Hartlepool Power Station’s Visitor Centre along the route, offers a range of activities for groups, including wildlife and environmental education, social opportunities and guided walks. Activities that promote wellbeing and build social capital can take place that tackle inequalities and social exclusion. 

This improved link between the communities on Teesside will mean that more people will take fewer car journeys. With a bus service operating along the A178 Seal Sands Road it is anticipated that the levels of bus usage will increase as people walk one way along the path, and return to their starting point using public transport.

Stockton Council and Hartlepool Council are working with the major industries in Seal Sands to establish ways in which people can get to work without the need to drive. The footpath will provide the first part of this infrastructure, and it is an aspiration to upgrade it to cycleway.